Hydrophore Systems for Marine Applications

with fresh water and sea water - Gashandling and self priming capabilities are requested

On all ships a continuous water supply is essential. The solution on board are hydrophore systems (pressurized tanks). To assure a continuous process a variety of technical features are required for the pump technology used in these hydrophore systems.


The Task

The task of the pump is to prime water from a deeper seated container and transports it with a relatively high pressure and low flow into the hydrophore system. The flow must not be interrupted. In a possible event of a drain in the suction piping, the pump has to vent the piping self-actuating.



A pump that may handle gas and is self-priming has to be used. Due to its self-priming capabilities and the steep performance curve, a Side Channel Pump is the best solution for this task. In many ships Side Channel Pumps are used to guarantee a continuous water supply.

Pump:SOH 223 in cast iron
Flowrate:4 m┬│/h
Pressure:4-5 bar
Viscosity:1 cst
Rotational speed:1450 rpm or 1750 rpm depending on the ships frequency

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