What is a Side Channel pump?

The SERO side channel pump is a niche product between positive displacement and centrifugal pump, combining the advantages of both pumps

It is the first choice for small flow rates at medium and high differential pressures. The side channel pump can easily handle liquid mixtures with large gas contents and operates without pressure pulsation. Light boilers, such as liquefied gases, refrigerants, boiler feed water and condensates benefit from the low head (NPSH) that can be achieved with multifunction side channel pumps. With their steep characteristic curve, a wide flow rate range can be used with speed-controlled operation, for example, to pump quantities in line with demand in the case of fluctuating process parameters. Low viscosities of the media to be pumped pose no problems with the right selection of pump hydraulics.

Typically, side channel pumps are designed as radially split, multi-stage segmented ring-section pumps and can reach heads of up to 350m with their maximum of eight or nine stages. Due to the linear and particularly steep characteristic curve, the flow rate of a side channel pump can be excellently deduced from its delivery rate. This can save a lot of money in process monitoring, since no additional flow meter needs to be installed. The operating status can be monitored just as easily via the power consumption of a side channel pump.

SERO- Multifunction Pump

The S-series multifunction pumps (e.g. SRZS, SEMA-S) are considered to be a further development of the side channel pump, in which a special centrifugal pump impeller is arranged upstream of the side channel hydraulics. In this combination, the pumps are also equipped with an axial suction nozzle to achieve the smallest possible NPSH values. In addition to the advantages of simple side channel pumps, NPSHR values as low as 0.35m can be achieved. In plant engineering, very efficient layouts can be found with multifunction pumps, since no artificial inlet heights have to be created Multifunction pumps are ideally suited for low-boiling applications; they can pump media close to the boiling line (vapor pressure curve). Partial outgassing, which is almost inevitable, has no effect on process stability. Even if vapor bubbles should occur on the suction side, they can be safely conveyed by the side channel hydraulics.

Special options & solutions of the side channel pump

The side channel pumps from the wide SERO product range are generally configured to order and are tailored as precisely as possible to customer requirements in terms of the respective flow rate and with the required system for shaft sealing. In addition, there are many proven solutions which can be selected as an option for the pump design. In the simplest case, this can "only" be the color scheme, which integrates the pump ideally into the customer's system from a purely visual point of view, or it can also mean specially required secondary seal or bearing materials in order to realize conformity with further directives - for example FDA. Our proven thrust washers offer extended operational reliability for hydraulics under unsteady plant conditions. For example, short-term steam or water hammer can be compensated. In the event of improper operation (unsuitable frequency control or temporary departure from the characteristic curve), thrust washers can also protect against major pump damage. It is usual to pump only pure or turbid liquids with side channel pumps due to the narrow running gaps; no solids! In special cases, abrasive fines with small particle size can also be pumped, among other things, by using ceramic plain bearings and surface-hardened shafts. For certain media, SERO offers package solutions that have been tried and tested many times:

  • LPG version (propane, butane, LPG, camping gas) 
  • CO version (crude oil WTI) 
  • TT version (cryogenic oils & gases down to - 60°C) 
  • K-design (steam condensates and media up to +220°C)

Of course, SERO also offers complete special solutions according to customer requirements.

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