What are the advantages of the Side Channel Pump?

Low speeds / wide speed range (VFD)

Extended service life / lower maintenance costs

Sealless design available

magnetic coupling or canned motor

Suitable for high suction pressures

Suction pressure = nominal pressure (PN)

Modular design with standardized components

small (spare) parts warehouse for large pump selection (immediate availability)

From low temperature to use in boiler circuits

Medium:-60°C to +220°C at 40°C to +50°C ambient temperature


Makes additional suction equipment superfluous

Small quantities large heads

Made for small volumes of liquid. < 42m³/h up to 550m.

Gas handling

Ability to pump media with up to 50% gas content. Reduces vapor bubble formation.

Low NPSH values

No cavitation issues. NPSHR starts at approx. 35 cm