Secure transport of Solvents

in the paint and coatings industy

Solvents are not part of the produced paint layer, but they are primarily used to adjust the properties of the paint during the coating process and film formation. The proportions of the solvents vary greatly. Solvents or solvent mixtures are used in every paint production process


The Task

A variety of solvents like acetone, benzol, ethyl acetate, isopropanol, methyl ethyl ketone or n-butanol are used for the production of lacquer. In this application the tank farm with various solvents is outside of the production hall. It is the pumps task to bring the solvents safe and reliable to the production process.



Its self-priming ability and low NPSH value allows the Side Channel Pump to be placed on top of the tank in a manhole sump. The earth-covered double-walled tanks offer a high security. The pump is able to evacuate the suction pipe and pump gas fractions out of the suction pipe. There is no risk of flow interruption caused by gas bubbles within the pipelines. Due to the regulations of the German TA-Luft and the explosive environment all pumps are equipped with magnetic drive and ATEX certificate.

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Pump:SOHM 223 in ductile iron and magnetic drive
Liquid:various solvents
Flowrate:5 m³/h
Head:40 mLc
Temperature:20 °C
Viscosity:1 mm2/s
Rotational speed:1450 rpm

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