Liquefied Petroleum Gas Applications: SERO PumpSystems LPG Pumps

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SERO offers unique and economical solutions for transporting liquefied petroleum gas with our models SRZS LPG and the model NHE LPG. 
The SRZS LPG is a side channel pump designed for flow rates up to 35m³/h. The side channel hydraulic is inherently self-priming and has suction lift ability of up to four meters.  Pumping from underground storage tanks is a common application for a SERO side channel pump.
The centrifugal pump design of the model NHE - LPG provides for much greater flow rates up to 170 m³/h with a maximum head of 290 meters. Both models cover a large operating range and allows customers to have “One Stop Supply” by SERO PumpSystems.

The SERO LPG pumps are used for various applications such as loading and unloading storage containers, tank trucks and bottle-filling facilities. They are also utilized to fuel steam boilers with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

Side channel pumps can handle fluids with gas entrainment of up to 50%!

NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) are a mix of C2, C3, C4 light hydrocarbons and other liquids which occurs during oil and natural gas production. The “LPG” term represents the specific refined products; propane, butane, isobutane, etc.  All of these liquids are volatile in nature and carry large amounts of entrained vapor.  Most pumps struggle with these gaseous conditions. Performance wanes and vapor locks can occur. SERO pumps have the ability to pump volatile liquids with high amounts of entrained vapor or gas. The model NHE can handle a maximum of 30 percent entrained gas.  The model SRZS can handle upwards of 50% entrained gas.

SERO pumps are used in mission critical NGL and LPG services where continuous pump operation is required.  Vapor locked pumps cannot be tolerated causing a production halt. SERO pumps assure a highly reliable means of transporting LPG and other volatile process liquids.

Low NPSH Requirements throughout the Performance Range

The SRZS-LPG has very low NPSH requirements, starting at approximately 0,35 meters at 1450 RPM speed.  As noted previously, the SRZS can also provide a maximum suction lift of 4 meters. Both capabilities are very important when considering an underground LPG storage tank service. Due to the volatility of LPG, especially as it warms during the heat of the summer, even simple transfer or loading services require the low NPSH requirements and gas handling capabilities of the side channel pump hydraulic. These are all applications where SERO side channel pumps provide superior performance.

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Specifications SRZS...LPG

Pump:SRZS in ductile iron
Applications:Tank emptying
Tank filling
Auto gas Station
bottle filling
Flow rate:0,3 to 35 m³/h
Head generation:17,5 bar
Temperature:-20 °C to +40 °C
Entrained gas handling:max. 50 %
Speed:max. 1800 1/min
Download:Product Brochure
Application Brochure

Specifications NHE...LPG

Pump:NHE in ductile iron
Applications:Tank emptying
Tank filling
Bottle filling
Flow rate:30 to 170 m³/h
Head generation:15 bar
Temperature:-20 °C to +40 °C
Entrained gas handling:max. 30 %
Speed:max. 3600 1/min
Download:Application Brochure

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